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Zen Room Air Cooler

Article No. PC-650 SP

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PC-650-SP Room Air Cooler With Ice Box Pack
ZEN air cooler has 3 ice packs for extra cooling, eager to find different intermediate options between an air fan & air condition. Unlike air conditions, ZEN room air cooler technology & design allows the users to have a refreshing & pleasant climate through a moist breeze. In the ZEN evaporative air cooler there are four sides of evaporative cooking pads double area than any other cooler. ZEN evaporative coolers do not require sophisticated maintenance nor expensive warranty policies for after-sale service.

– Unique & Stylish Design
– Shock & Rust Proof Plastic Body
– Ice Packs (2 Re-Freezable Ice Packs For Extra Cooling)
– Top Loading Cooling Box (For Re-Freezable Ice Packs included For Ultimate)
– Powerful Air Throw (Designed For Performance With Powerful Airflow Cool Efficiency)
– Energy Efficient (Powerful Energy Efficient Motor)
– High-Efficiency Cooling PADS
– Auto Swing
– Turbo Fan Technology
– System Restore Function
– 2 Speed Control
– Strong outer Body (Shock Rust Proof Plastic Body)
– Continuous Water Supply
– 4-Way Mobility
– Cools up to 120 square feet
– Oscillating louvers
– Durable casters for easy mobility
– Water Tank Capacity 70 Litre

Dimensions (inches)
Height: 43
Width: 32.5
Depth: 25
Weight: 29kg
Weight 29 kg

No Color Variants Available for this Product

Dimensions 25 x 32.5 x 43 inch
Jean Woman Summer

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